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National UCBC Holos Bratstva Christmas 2015

National UCBC Holos Bratstva Easter 2015

National UCBC Holos Bratstva Christmas 2014

National UCBC Holos Bratstva Easter 2014

National UCBC Holos Bratstva Christmas 2013

National UCBC Holos Bratstva Easter 2013

National UCBC Holos Bratstva Christmas 2012

National UCBC Holos Bratstva Easter 2012

National UCBC Holos Bratstva Christmas 2011

National UCBC Holos Bratstva Easter 2011

The UCBC  has branches throughout the Eparchy of Saskatoon 

St. Basil the Great Branch 303
1717 Toronto Street, Regina, Sask., S4P 3R9
Phone: (306) 522-7767    Fax. (306) 525-0841

St. Basil’s UCBC  -    Jan. 2011 – December 31, 2012


SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR:         Rt. Rev. V. Mudri
PAST PRESIDENT:                  Bro. Ivar Orenchuk


PRESIDENT:                             Bro. Michael Kaminski
VICE PRESIDENT:                   Bro. Eugene Krenosky, K.S.V.
SECRETARY:                            Bro. Dennis Klimochko
TREASURER:                            Bro. Ed Kobialko, K.S.V.
ARCHIVIST – HOSPODAR:    - to be appointed
          TRUSTEES:                     Bro. Paul Gulka, K.S.V.
                                                     Bro. Orest Kiryluk
                                                     Bro. Russell Soltys
          AUDITORS:                    Bro. Andrij Lazurko
                                                     Bro. Ray Storozuk
                                                     Bro. James Dozorec


        Program / Liturgical:                    Bro. Russell Soltys
        Ukrainian Religious Artefacts:   Bro. Andrij Lazurko
        Memorial Fund & Liturgies:       Bros. E. Krenosky,  Dennis Klimochko, & Ivar Orenchuk
        Special Projects & Activities:     Bros. Ray Storozuk,  Russell Soltys  
        Publicity:                                         Bros. Eugene Krenosky,  Michael Kaminski
        Protocol & Procedure:                 Bro. Eugene Krenosky, K.S.V.
        Membership:                                 Bro.  Michael Kaminski


St.  Basil ’ s  UCBC - 2010 Accomplishments

The following is a summary of events and activities that St. Basil’s Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood of Canada (UCBC) Brothers were involved with and/or participated in 2010.

1.  Membership:

  • Current membership is at 26.
  • Brothers conducted an Honour Guard for deceased Brothers Bernard Chomyn and Ernest Homeniuk.

2.  Church & Parish Events:

  • Brothers provided assistance to Rt. Rev. Vladimir Mudri & Rt. Rev. Mitred, R. Luzney during Divine Liturgies.
  • Brothers serve as Eucharistic Ministers, Readers, Ushers and participate in the Ukrainian Choir.
  • Brothers assisted at 11 funerals in 2010 by coordinating the collection of donations for Memorial Fund and Divine Liturgies.
  • Brothers were involved and participated in Easter and Christmas Divine Liturgies.
  • St. Basil’s UCBC and UCWLC members participated in a Divine Liturgy prior to our regular meeting in April for our departed Brothers and Sisters.
  • Two members of St. Basil’s UCBC Branch had positions on St. Basil’s 2010 Parish Council Executive.

3.  Financial Assistance and/or Donations:

  • Haiti earth quake victims.
  • UCY 2010 Winter Retreat.
  • St. Athanasius and St. Basil’s Ultimate A & B Youth as a result of our Gigantic Garage Sale.
  • UCC-SPC Nation Builders Awards & Banquet.
  • Regina Leader Post Christmas Cheer Fund.
  • Placed an ad in Regina Leader Post in conjunction with the UCC Christmas Services Advertisement.

4.  Fund Raising Activities:

  • St. Basil’s UCBC and St. Athanasius and St. Basil’s Ultimate A&B Youth conducted a very successful garage sale in April.
  • St. Basil’s UCBC hosted another successful Toy Show in October.
  • Sale of our cook book publication called “A taste of Tradition…Ukrainian Flavour” is continuing and proven to be very popular.
  • Sale of religious articles from the kiosk in the vestibule of St. Basil’s Church is continuing.

5.  Social Events:

  • UCBC Brothers were involved and/or participated in the Traditional Christmas Eve Supper and Easter Breakfast.
  • St. Basil’s UCBC presented a small token of congratulations to the First Communicants of St. Basil’s Parish.
  • A joint spring wind up barbeque and social occurred in June with St. Basil’s UCWLC and the tenants of St. Basil’s Manor.
  • UCBC Brothers attended and acknowledged Rt. Rev. Mitred R. Luzney retirement.
  • UCBC Brothers also attended Rt. Rev. Vladimir Mudri social and welcome him to St. Basil’s Parish.
  • UCBC Brothers assisted St. Basil’s UCWLC with their Mother & Daughter Banquet.
  • St. Basil’s UCBC and UCWLC came together for a Christmas banquet and social.

6.  UCBC Eparchial Events:

  • Two Brothers from St. Basil’s UCBC Branch are on the 2010-2011 Eparchial Executive and took part in the Installation of Eparchial UCBC Executive on February 6th.
    • Brother Mike Kaminski, Vice-President
    • Brother Denis Klimochko, Secretary
  • Brothers from St. Basil’s UCBC Branch attended the following UCBC Eparchial Quarterly meetings:
    • Regina - St. Athanasius Church (February 6th).
    • Yorkton – St. Mary’s Parish Hall (May 1st).
    • Saskatoon – Saint George’s Cathedral (September 25th).
  • St. Basil’s UCBC Brothers conducted their annual UCBC Tag Day in June with all proceed returning to the UCBC Eparchial Executive.
  • Brother Mike Kaminski coordinated the 2010 Eparchial UCBC Raffle.
  • St. Basil’s UCBC Brothers sold tickets for the 2010 Eparchial UCBC Raffle.

7.  UCBC National Events:

  • Brother Mike Kaminski and Brother Dennis Klimochko attended the XXIII Triennial UCBC National Congress in Edmonton as representatives from the Eparchy of Saskatoon - UCBC Eparchial Executive.
  • Brother Sir Knight Eugene Krenosky also attended the XXIII Triennial UCBC National Congress in Edmonton as a representative of St. Basil’s UCBC Branch.
  • Brother Sir Knight Eugene Krenosky participated in the installation of the National UCBC Executives on August 28th in Yorkton and is the chairman of the following National UCBC Committees:
    • Advisory
    • Awards & Recognition
    • Constitution & Bylaws
  • Brother Mike Kaminski is the chairman of the National UCBC Publicity and Communication Committee and coordinated the publication of the National UCBC Holos Bratstva/Voice of the Brotherhood 2010 Christmas Issue.
  • Brothers from our Branch attended National UCBC Quarterly meetings.

8.  Community Events and Organizations:

  • Brothers were actively involved, volunteered and/or participated in the following:
    • Kyiv Ukrainian Pavilion during Regina’s Mosaic
    • Regina Ukrainian Fall Festival
  • St. Basil’s UCBC continues to be an active participant and contributor to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), Regina Branch.
  • St. Basil’s UCBC also hold memberships in Regina’s Cable co-operative, Access Communication and in the Regina Multicultural Council.
  • Brothers are actively involved with many organizations within the Eparchy of Saskatoon, the Ukrainian community and others.

9.  S t.  Basil’s UCBC Executive for  January 2011 – December 31, 2012:
President                    Brother Michael Kaminski
Past President           Brother Ivar Orenchuk
1st - Vice-President  Sir Knight Brother Eugene Krenosky
Secretary                    Brother Dennis Klimochko
Treasurer                   Sir Knight Brother Ed Kobialko

In conclusion, I would like to thank the membership of St. Basil’s UCBC Branch #303 for their dedication, support and encouragement in making 2010 a very successful year.

May our Good Lord and Heavenly Father, grant us the light of His wisdom so that we may carry out the affairs of our Brotherhood with dignity, honesty, and wisdom, for the glory of God, the good of our Ukrainian Catholic Church and our Ukrainian people.

I wish everyone the best of health and happiness in 2011. Yours truly,
Michael J. Kaminski
Brother Michael J. Kaminski, President
St. Basil’s UCBC Branch #303