Men’s Ministry

Men of the Eparchy of Saskatoon, please consider watching this recently released video:

Watch here for upcoming events just for you; to assist you in responding to this call…


Many men today grow up without fathers, or have broken relationships with their Dad’s.  This translates into a lot of men not having role models for what it means to be a father.  This creates problems for the family.  The Church offers us a solution in Jesus icono-of-ChristChrist who himself is the “face” of our heavenly Father, of whom even the best earthly father is but an incomplete image.  So focusing on Christ men can discover what “authentic” masculinity is all about.

Recently the Diocese of Phoenix, Bishop Olmsted, issued an Apostolic Exhortation to all men to live out their masculinity authentically. INTO-THE-BREACH-ROMAN-CATHOLIC-DIOCESE-OF-PHOENIX  Click on the above link to read.



Also check out the Youtube video on the same topic. Masculinity: A Call to Battle


Watch for announcements of Men’s Ministry Events!

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