Marriage Preparation

Christ is at the heart of Sacramental Marriage!


This is why marriage is a

“great mystery”!

In order to approach this sacrament properly we must prepare our hearts and minds.  Marriage as a vocation is no easy task and we are all familiar with the statistics on how many marriages fail.  That being the case marriage preparation in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is focused not just on life skills of finance or communication but most importantly  on “love” skills.  It is through fully living out our faith that we can open our hearts to Christ, imitate Him in our lives and indeed become transformed into living icons of Christ.  The teachings of our church offer us much guidance in how to follow Christ and embrace the fullness of our dignity as men and women.

For information on upcoming marriage preparation programs which conform to this Sacramental vision of our lives within marriage, please contact the Family and Life Office:

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