What is chastity?

Chastity is not abstinence, but it may include it.  Abstinence is the lack of or deprivation of sex(or anything for that matter, that we choose to abstain from).  Chastity is so much more than deprivation or a lack of sex,  is the right use of our sexuality which gives us the freedom to love.  Depending on our state in life and situation that may include abstinence.  However, the motivation for all, is love.  Chastity enables us to love. It is very misunderstood by our society and culture.  Through the practice of chastity we can learn to love fully and completely.

What do we believe as Ukrainian Catholics?

Our Ukrainian Catholic Sacramental Liturgical Worldview places chastity in the context of living holy lives.  In the Divine Liturgy, after the consecration, we continue our prayer first by remembering the Theotokos, John the Baptist, the saints and all the departed, and the clergy.  Then the priest says the we offer our “rational worship” for the whole world and then he begins to list who we are specifically offering this sacrifice, and after mentioning the church , the priest mentions also those who  “live chaste and holy lives” going on in even more general terms.  He continues by remembering our nation, the military and the government.  Thus chastity is understood in the context of both holiness and virtue that extends beyond those who are part of the church.  Chastity, understood correctly is a virtue that every human person should strive for as it allows us to function as men and women who are capable of the greatest virtue–LOVE.  Popular culture mocks the virtue chastity even though it really does not know what the virtue even is.   Perhaps that is because love, though it is the deepest longing of our hearts, is also misunderstood.  The teaching of the church, however, offers us clarity.

Do you know what chastity is and how it applies to you whether you are young, old, married or single?

Jason Evert a prolific speaker on life and love explains the meaning of chastity:

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