My Family Home: A Place of Witness to the Living Christ

Part one “My Family Home: A Place to Encounter the Living Christ” (Click here) was directed at building our “domestic church” through a guided reflection on Patriarch Sviatoslav’s Letter on building the Vibrant Parish, (Click here to read).  Part II, My Family Home: A Place of Witness to the Living Christ is designed to help those whose children or grandchildren  actually have stopped practicing their faith, or who are very close to that point . Across our Eparchy I meet many parents who are deeply saddened by their children’s rejection of our beautiful Ukrainian Catholic faith. It is through this initiative we will discover that:

  • We are not alone–the scope of the problem is a real crisis of faith in the church.
  • There are real practical and positive things we as parents and grandparents can to do make a difference in the live of those that matter most to us.
  • There are  resources available and  faith formation sessions through the Eparchy Family and Life Office that will help us to deepen our own faith and ability to engage the questions we have as well as the ones our children may be asking about life, faith and the church.

All is not lost, no matter how far you may feel your child is away from the faith or the Church.

There is HOPE!

Keep checking back as the Program is developed and more resources are added!


Introduction:  Loving Listening and Responding:

In this introductory session we will:

  • Consider the problem of the the loss of faith and connection with the Church,
  • Look at some of the questions that people are asking and why they are leaving
  • Develop some key principles to approaching the problem and,
  • Review Patriarch Sviatoslav’s Pastoral Six step solution–real things we can do that will make a difference!

There is no magical solution but there are practical and important things we as parents and grandparents can do!!!  

Book your presentation with Deborah Larmour at the Family and Life Office today.  (306)717-2756


  Sherry A. Weddell, Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus.

(Available from and your local Christian bookstore)

See Bishop Barron’s Commentary :

 I’m Not OK. You’re Not OK; But It’s OK! by Chris Padgett. An excellent resource on developing an authentic faith and deepening our relationship with Christ.

(It and many other  great resources are available through

For inspiring witnesses of returning to the faith:

See more powerful stories of conversion and witness to God’s love at:  Profiles in Discipleship


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