Family Day (Week) 2017

Whether you a re looking for some family activities for this years Family Day or you are just trying to regularly have a bit more actual family activity time that is more than just everyone on their own electronic device please check out some of these resources.  Use your
discretion–some are not faith based, some are Christian, some are Orthodox, some are Catholic.   Hopefully somewhere here you will find a link to the information you need to deepen your family relationships, and grow your family’s faith life.  Faith, as we know is not just about going to Church on Sunday, (We know Church is  is important but we will address answering the “why Church?” question at another time).   However, one of the ways we teach our kids about the importance of faith, and church, is by making our relationship with God a part of our everyday life and activities, particularly our family time.

This Family Day have fun and as was mentioned in the bulletin insert–don’t forget to ‘pray, play, and ‘listen and say(have conversations)’.


        • Prayers for the Family from the Family and Life Office. Click here
        • The Domestic Church from Royal Doors. Click here,
        • Family Rosary. Click here
        • A helpful site that I have found on general Catholic parenting is Called “Catholic Mom” It also has a lot ideas for prayer and family fun and very interesting and topical articles: Click here to check out this site.
        • Consider going to visit a nursing home or care home with your children.  Their presence there is a gift to all.


        • Great article on the 5 Benefits of Winter Outdoor play. Click here.
        • If the weather does not cooperate consider watching a movie.  For some eternal truths in a kids movie consider Toy Story 3 Click here to see the deep truths found in this movie, as discussed by Christopher West in his book Fill These Hearts, p. 155-57 “We want to be loved, not toyed with”
        • Articles and activities on living our Catholic Faith –from both East and West. Click here
        • Catholic Family Activities, Click here
        • Suggestions from our Orthodox brothers and sisters


General Guides—(not all specifically faith based)

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