The Family and Life Office of the Eparchy of Saskatoon, founded in 2009 by the Most Rev. Bryan Bayda, in conformity to the SOBOR Document, 2005, 9.3.1 (See tab under this heading) .  The objectives of the office include: 1. Defending the sacred dignity of human life, from conception to natural death; 2.  Promotion of the sanctity of lifelong marriage between a man and a woman, as an expression of love that is free, total, faithful and fruitful; and, 3.  Support for the family as a Domestic Church and a School of Holiness, witnessed through all the stages of life, which begin and end with the family. These foundational beliefs are based on a Sacramental life grounded in the teachings and spirituality of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. These objectives are addressed with a fourfold action plan including education, advocacy, outreach and prayer. If you would like to read more about the Pastoral Initiative for Family and Life of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops please click here.


IMG_0034-e1378606585170Eparchy of Saskatoon Family and Life Office Welcome’s You!

If you are interested in coming by to visit and check out or resource library  or just come in and chat when you are in Saskatoon please do not hesitate in doing so.  Just call ahead as I am not always in the office.  However, if I know you are coming I would be very happy to meet with you and discuss your concerns and/or the needs of your family or parish.  The Family and Life Office is a resource for the Eparchy of Saskatoon–and given that the Eparchy encompasses the entire Province it may take me a while to come out and visit your parish.  I am happy to come out and speak to you about the Family and Life office or issues concerning the family and respect for life, especially if invited–hint, hint….  Also to better ensure constant communication on respect for life and family issues I am actively looking for volunteer reps in each parish who can be the “go to person” when things are happening and when there are activities available at the Parish level.  Perhaps God is calling you to this ministry, I know everyone is busy but really what is more important to us than the welfare and salvation of our families, and the overall impact that has on our parish life as well as society in general?


We know that sacramental marriage, family and human life itself is often not supported in society, and in fact is facing many threats.   The building of a “Culture of Life” requires the support,  and commitment of the entire church.   In fact, it is in living our ‘ordinary lives’ that the extraordinary can be accomplished.  IMG_0035-e1378609269458
It is strong, healthy, faithful and faith-filled marriages that are the foundation for the domestic church which in turn is the foundation for the Vibrant Parish,  the Vibrant Eparchy and Vibrant and Life Giving Church.  It is through the family that the  culture and even the world can be transformed.   This is the “New Evangelization”,  this is our hope, that Jesus Christ can transform our lives, through the prayers of the Holy Theotokos, and through our prayers and activity, this hope can be offered to the world.

Please browse through the site,  check back often for new items.  Sign up for email notifications of new posts.  As this site is intended to be as informative as possible links are offered for your information.  Content found on any particular link is not sanctioned  by this office.  Please use your discretion and seek guidance from your Pastor or contact us directly about questionable items.  For the most part the sites mentioned will be trustworthy but it is impossible to offer any guarantees.

cropped-Virgin-of-Vladimir-e1378613186443Share your favorite links with us.   We welcome your feedback and I hope that we will grow closer as a faith community as a result.

In the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and the through the prayers of our most Holy Theotokos.


Deborah Larmour, Director

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