The Family and Life Office welcomes this reflection from Ivan Kolosnjaji on the response of St. Joseph to crisis, as a model for us in the challenging times we are facing.  
Anxiety was rampant before this all hit. But now it has escalated and not for no good reason.
Its during times of anxiety, stress and hysteria that I like to reflect on St. Joseph.
Here was a man, a righteous man, who was told that his bride had conceived through the Holy Spirit, and that she was to give birth to the Messiah. To the Son of God. And he believed.
Now step back for a moment and think about what this entailed. This poor man who could afford only pigeons to sacrifice, was to protect and provide for God incarnate and his mother!
St. Joseph could have reacted in one of two ways.
🤬🤬🤬 “What am I going to do? How could God do this to me? I’m not ready! What I fail? What if I can’t provide enough and they starve? If we’re ambushed by bandits? There’s not a chance I can fend them off more than a few. Well done Joseph the Carpenter. You were put in charge of protecting God and now He’s dead.” 😰😬😭
“God gave me his Son and his mother to protect and provide for. That’s a lot of responsibility. But I need not worry. God will provide. He must provide. He does not give more than can be handled. As long as I’m faithful to him, he will be faithful to me and I will not fail.”
No two people that lived have had as large of a responsibility with as few resources as Mary and Joseph. Yet they succeeded because they worried little and prayed a lot.
In this time of crisis, be like St. Joseph leading his family to Egypt. Danger lies behind you and the path ahead is not clear, but it must be tread. Trust in God. He knows best. He will provide. In our situation, trust in the health authorities. They know best. We’ll persevere.
“Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Today’s worries are enough for today.” – Matthew 6:24.
Worry little. Have faith. Pray lots.
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