Todays blog will be short.  Not because there is little report but rather that there was so much that by the end of the day I was exhausted from the incredible amount of wisdom that we encountered.  When you get the opportunity to listen to the likes of Cardinal Robert Sarah, Helen Alvare, Janet Smith and others it can become overwhelming.  At the end of it all there were several  icono of Christimages that prevailed for me.  The first was the simple statement of Cardinal Sarah that mercy has a face…and it is the face of Christ.  This is the joy of the gospel and the power to be transformed, through genuine repentance and humbly following Love himself.  When this happens in the family, the domestic church…the whole world can be changed.  Helen Alvare evoked images of how our hearts are captured by romance and the happily(at least for the most part)  ever after commitment to love between a man and woman that is the foundation for the family, which is turn is foundation for society itself.  This crosses all ethnic and religious borders.  Janet Smith shared healing power of loving our elders which brought many to tears.  And finally when it comes to passing on the faith to our children it was this image that really resonated.Parent first  No not that you should know what to do in case of a flight emergency when traveling with children.  Rather that parents need to be allowing themselves to be filled with the Holy Spirit through a life a prayer, study and reflection so that they can in in turn pass the fullness of faith on to their children.  Simply put you cannot give what you do not possess.  Got to go…hola…and God Bless.


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