UCYC at”Fall Faith Youth Retreat” and Eparchial Convention

– October 27-29, 2017 – Saskatoon

{Group Photo by Don MacKinnon}

Back Row: Lauren Lashyn, Ss. Peter & Paul, Saskatoon; Kate Lashyn, Ss. Peter & Paul, Saskatoon; [name excluded]; Petrow Lazurko , St. Basil’s Regina; St. Athanasius, Regina; Maggie Derow, St. Athanasius, Regina; [name excluded]; [name excluded]; Joseph Bodnar, St. George’s Cathedral, Saskatoon.
Front Row: 
Kailey Pochipinski, St. George’s, Prince Albert; Sarah Sawchuk, Eparchial Youth Minister, Saskatoon; Lesia Lazurko, St. Basil’s, Regina.

UCYC Eparchial Convention:

Submitted by: Lesia Lazurko and Sarah Sawchuk

On October 28 and 29, 2017, the 36th Eparchial Convention took place in Saskatoon with the UCYC, UCWLC and UCBC. There were twelve youth and young adults that attended from Regina, Prince Albert and Saskatoon. The Youth and Young Adults began with their “Fall Faith Retreat” on Friday night, as the youth gathered at Bishop Pocock School for our first session which was led by Fr. Warren Dungen. He spoke about our ancestors and the courage it took for them to come over to Canada and leave their homeland. The evening ended with us remembering our relatives that passed away and singing “Vichnaya Pamyat.”


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