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Experience families evangelizing families & our beautiful Eastern spirituality…let go of distractions .

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Family Retreat Vacation…

God in the little things…getting unplugged and letting the Spirit work in your family. Whether you are from nearby or far, far away, you get the sense of pilgrimage, the sense of going away, retreating… a journey of the heart.

“One pilgrimages in order to leave the familiar behind and venture to a time and space which leaves one open to the presence of God in a profound way.”Madonna House Cana Website


There are many things you are asked to leave behind as you come to Cana: relatives, friends, pets, and modern devices like cell phones, ipods, laptops and computer games. Leaving these things behind opens time for something different…kind of like fasting. Let go of distractions and allow God to respond. (No wifi. If cellphone use is required, please use in private and minimize your time to essentials. Pictures are allowed on the last day, to minimize distraction and encourage privacy and space to yourself.) These things are not bad: we are making room and time for God to enter in. God in simplicity.

The spiritual good of fasting has been recognized throughout Church history – we usually think of food…depend on God for sustenance because that is what one truly hungers for… for God.

Cana Roots…

Our Cana is based on the framework of Madonna House Apostolate’sCana Colony in Combermere, Ontario. Madonna House was founded by Catherine Doherty. Cana Colony started there in 1952, after the words of Pope Pius XII to Catherine Doherty, recommending the apostolate of Madonna House to reach out to the family.

Cana Spirit…

We offer a unique opportunity for families to journey together for a week of sharing. Parents and their children are nurtured and nourished by sacraments and Christian community and fellowship.

Cana-2-300x181Where 2 or 3 are gathered, Christ is present. Together, we encounter Christ over and over through sharing stories, play, tears, dishes, campfires and nature.

Families evangelizing families…

As stated so beautifully in the Madonna House Cana Colony webpage:

We hope that from this experience, families will be able to return home strengthened and renewed in their ability to incarnate the Word of God in their daily lives. For be assured, it is the preaching of the Gospel that we are about.

The vacation aspect offered by Cana Colony is present but is secondary to the primary purpose of Cana, which is helping families to find Christ, to love Christ, to touch Him in their neighbor, just as He finds, loves, and touches us, His children, daily. In a word, Cana Colony exists to help establish Christ in our hearts and to incarnate Him in our deeds.”

Facilities & Location…

Located at St.Michael’s Camp at beautiful Madge Lake, Saskatchewan (in Cana-3--300x298Benito subdivision of Duck Mountain Provincial Park). It is about 35 minutes from Kamsack. Many beautiful prayer services are done at the lake dock. There is fishing, kayaking and
canoeing. The public beach, Pickerel, is a 15 minute nature path walk or quick drive away. There is a large campfire area, basketball/volleyball outdoor court, and plenty of open space for playing. Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church is right on the camp grounds.

The main building has a beautiful large kitchen that we all share. The kitchen has stoves, refrigerators, and freezer storage. Each family will assigned storage areas. Dry goods storage will be in the dining area at a table next to your assigned dining table.

Cana-4-300x148The hall dining area is also a common area for games, gathering, and rainy day activities. There are dishes, silverware, pots and pans, dishtowels… Every family brings their own groceries and does their own cooking and dishes.

The hotel style lodging is inside the main building. There is one wheelchair accessible room. Bathrooms with tub/shower for each room. Bring your own linens, towels, facecloths, and sleeping bags/blankets. Laundry is available on site.

As much as possible, simplicity of the camp is part of the spirit of Cana. (Cana Colony at Madonna House utilizes outhouses, no electricity in cabins, and no showers – very rustic.)

Weather is unpredictable. Prepare for rainy days. Bring flashlights, bathing suits, bug spray and sunscreen.

To help maintain the camp while there, families do simple chores – keeping the kitchen, hall, chapel, and common areas/grounds clean, supervising use of canoes/kayaks, etc. Pitching in is community building and part of the spirit of Cana as well.

Daily Schedule…

A Ukrainian Catholic priest and a host family are present with the families for the week. Divine Liturgy (English) is celebrated each Cana-5-300x211morning, and every afternoon is a priest led conference with the parents. (During conference, activity coordinators are provided for the younger children).

A Ukrainian Catholic priest and a host family are present with the families for the week. Divine Liturgy (English) is celebrated each morning, and every afternoon is a priest led conference with the parents. (During conference, activity coordinators are provided for the younger children).

There are many possibilities for recreational activities outside of these two scheduled events… campfires, swimming, hikes, fishing, games, basketball, swings, etc. There is also many opportunities for sharing among families, and with the priest and host family. Confession and counselling is also available from the priest. Share your encounters, trials, triumphs and experiences with each other!

Every evening will be an optional prayer service/activity…Moleben, rosary, etc.

Bring who…

The week is planned with intention to be for families sharing life in a Christian community. We ask that families not bring along “guests”Cana-7-300x227(family friends, other relatives, etc) and to not invite “visitors” for this time.

The attendance of guests/visitors interrupts and reduces the experience of renewing unity within the family, and between the families participating.   Some families may know other people in the area – visits with them can altar and disrupt the flow of the week for families. We ask people to arrange their visits with friends and family in the area either before they arrive at camp on Sunday afternoon, or on the following Saturday once Cana is completed. Allow time for visiting outside of Cana time. And no pets please.

Come when…

Families can arrive on the Sunday afternoon between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. This gives you sufficient time to settle in and be ready for Welcome & Orientation meeting at 7 p.m. This meeting with the Cana-6-300x185team conveys needed information and facilitates building good atmosphere for the week. The week concludes with Divine Liturgy on Saturday morning and final blessings and farewells.


Cost is not a fixed amount. This is discerned according to the conscience and financial means of each family. We believe no one should be excluded because of financial circumstances.

We do require a $50 non-refundable deposit with your application. (Estimated cost recovery is $600 per family.)

In order to facilitate this experience being available to more families, we may not accommodate a family returning for two consecutive years.


Registration starts in January for the coming summer. If you are interested in submitting a registration application form, please click to download and fill in the Application for Cana 2018.  Return as soon as possible, Deadline for receiving applications and deposits is June 1, 2018.  Send applications via email (to download click on link above) and mail your deposit to ensure you are considered for a spot. Space is limited!

Deborah Larmour

Family & Life Office Director, Eparchy of Saskatoon


If you have any questions about Cana experiences, please contact:

Curtis & Teresa Hiebert 306-652-0701

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