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Click on the links provided below to read the “My Family Home Series” and begin your planning: Coming soon are videos introducing this initiative and giving some ideas on how to practically make plans to take small, and even big steps, to grow your ‘Domestic Church’. Stay tuned!) 

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Building on the Letter of His Beatitude Sviatoslav’s Pastoral letter the Vibrant Parish: A Place to Encounter the Living Christ, the Family and Life Office of the Eparchy of Saskatoon is offering a reflection for the Domestic Church (the family) on helping each of us make our homes a place to encounter the living Christ.  This initiative involves a short presentation, a take home series of self-assesment pamphlets and  follow-up.  In this presentation we incorporate elements of the very successful initiative Strong Catholic Families; Strong Catholic Youth. You have high hopes for your children, we all do. Sadly, in our fast paced digital world sometimes it is hard to believe that we, as parents, can have an impact on the choices and lives of our kids. There is good news however! Parents Matter!!!! According to Reginald Bibby, sociologist and leading researcher on youth trends in Canada:

Some 89% of teens maintain that their moms have a high level of influence on their lives, while 82% say the same thing about their dads – in both cases up about ten percentage points since the 1980s. (

Everything we say and everything we do, as a parent is significant!

With Great Gifts Comes Great Responsibility:

We want our children to have a faith that is vibrant and that will help them navigate the challenges of life. They need to understand that God wants a close relationship with them. God has a plan and purpose for their lives. The foundation for this kind of faith begins at home. “Everything I learned about church, about Christ, the ambience where I learned to pray — before I met a priest for the first time — was my home, my family,” said Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk in an interview with the Catholic News Service, October 13, 2014. In order to pass on a life of faith parents are primary; they are the ones who must pass on this gift of faith. Parish and School can help with in this work, but Parents are the first and most important people in forming the faith of their children.

 Living the Liturgy:

If we as parents are to be the ‘fire’ that will empower and lead our children to a life of faith, hope and lasting joy, that will not fail them regardless of the challenges they may face in life, we must work on our own relationship with God. As it is God who gives us life, our relationship with Him is central to everything we are and do. Patriarch Sviatoslav reminded us in his visit to Saskatoon in 2013, our desire for God should be as strong as our desire for our next breath. If we ask for that kind of faith—God will give it to us.

Truth and love: A winning combination

All of our kids will ultimately make their own choices. Regardless of those choices we need never stop speaking the truth in love. Likewise, we can never stop believing that through our love and prayers our children will turn back to the love and life offered through Jesus Christ. Even if it seems that we have failed, perseverance is the key. We must never give up on God and on loving our kids. Our God is faithful and has an abundance of mercy and desire to win our hearts with love. Growing closer to Christ means growing in the ability love.  This is a lifelong journey. A life of love is central to what it means to be a Christian and fundamental to Christian family life. LOVE NEVER FAILS! (1 Cor.13:8)


Deborah Larmour of the Family and Life Office, is available to give an introductory presentation on My Family Home:  A Place to Encounter the Living Christ and a follow up presentation on My Family Home:  A Place to Witness to the Living Christ (on reaching those children whose faith has become ‘nominal’ or who have left the faith).
Those attending will…

 Learn about the religious beliefs, attitudes and activities of youth today including the critical impact of parents’ faith, beliefs and actions.

 Consider with your parish community  your hopes, needs and concerns about the faith of your children and how the Eparchy/parish can support you in your efforts to instil faith.

 Examine and assess your own“family faith inventory” and discern steps for growing in faith as a family in the coming year.

 Discover some practical ideas and tools for family faith growth

To book this for your parish or deanery or for more information, contact: Deborah Larmour, Director of Family and Life Office   Call (306)653-0138 ext. 228 or call or text (306) 717-2756 ~  Email:
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